Bulk E-mailing !

It's simple to have emails relayed as SMS text messages. Make it easy for friends and colleagues to contact you whilst you are on the move, or have important email notifications routed to your mobile phone.
Unique features include Submission to network notification (you receive an acknowledgement email of your message submission).
Set originator on a per-message basis (include sender=... in the subject line). From any email account you send emails to...
@sms.mobimagic.net (e.g. 91-9660231000@sms.mobimagic.net) You may send SMS to mobile numbers by separating each with a comma. (e.g. 919660231000@sms.mobimagic.net, 919829065188@sms.mobimagic.net)
The mobile number needs to in International format only without prefixing 0 or +
The subject line of the email should contain your username and password as username: password (username followed by colan and then your password, no space in between e.g. peter: 12345).
The first 160 characters of the email would be relayed on as an SMS text message to the specified mobile number.
The email needs to be sent in plain text format only.
Your account will be charged as credits per text message per recipient. Some destinations are charged at higher rates.

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